Star Children Preface

Chapter 1 Where We Came From

Star Children

By Majestone

Chris Dwaine Christensen

Star Children


They were born from him who creates stars. Many of them have different origins.

They are not aliens, they are family members. They are us.

We know not our primordial origin. We only know of those stories which have been handed to us through the generations from the creation of the earth and the beginning of man.

Of course, these stories are only partly true. Mankind does not know the whole story.

It is our job to find the God who created us, who he is, and what our purpose is. We will not rest until we know the truth. We are Star Children.

I am the author I live on “Earth,” some humans know it as “Urantia.”

My name is Chris Dwaine Christensen. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States of America, in the year 1962. I will tell you more about myself later.

Have you ever heard of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Watergate, or the assassination of John F. Kennedy? You are not alone. Many people suspect of conspiracies within the U.S. Government, but not everyone realizes the cover ups involving extra-terrestrials who have been visiting this planet ever since humans have appeared here.

We are Star Children, they are also Star Children - we have the same Creator.

Some may and do come from other local universes, but we all have the same Universal Father.

I am going to tell you the story of our struggle for existence and for our fight for survival.

It is said that the judgment of the world is coming, and it is coming soon. But, what happens to the people of the earth? Who is going to survive judgment? Who will remain? What will this world be like after judgment is over? Who is coming to judge us?

Who are you? Who am I? Where did we come from? Who created this planet? Who created our mother? Who created our father? Who created the universe? Why cannot anyone answer these questions? I will not accept any human explanation of these events. I will only accept an answer from our Creator, from him or herself.

Human beings have been fighting wars over religion since the beginning of mankind. There is no way I will accept any human explanation of our origin or our Creator. Too many fools have been killing each other in the name of their so called “God”. I know God, I know my Father and in no way has he ever approved of killing any other human being for the promotion of religion or the group’s or of one’s beliefs. It says; “You shall not kill”!! God is not a murderer!! I am now taking a stand against Muslims, Islamists, and any other terrorist organization who seek to kill and destroy all other human beings who do not belong to their beliefs and their religion. They are truly going against the survival of humanity and against the true word of god.

We, the Star Children, are going to make a difference.

Copyright ©2013 Chris Dwaine Christensen (May 18th, 2013)

Copyright ©2013 Majestone

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Chapter 1 Where We Came From

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